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Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins

Kingsland, TX


My life as an artist has had many twists and turns. As you can tell from my resume at Kingsland Gardens. I've had many previous lives, none of which really involved true art. While I always prided myself on my control of the screen landscape, I never pursued the image.

Over the years, there has been a burr under my saddle that has expressed itself in a restlessness to move to a different future. I think many of my previous jobs were stepping stones along this path. When I eventually broke down and tried to address it, the screen play "Christia" was the first attempt at defining the vison. Whether it shows or not, slaving over "Christia" made me realize that the feelings had been with me for decades.

The next step along this path was the Kindle book "21st Century Homestead". If you love Thomas Jefferson, aquaponics, and the idea that WE CAN live a self-sufficient life then this small pamphlet is for you.

The step that brought me here was merely a suggestion from a gardening client that I might try painting "Our Lady of Guadalupe". I had only mentioned that I might like to try painting after looking at some of the beautiful art hanging in her home. I had no knowledge of the image but decided if I was going to paint something ti was going to be like the original. It was only after doing some research and building the canvas to roughly the same dimensions as the original that I was depressed and disturbed that I had even thought I could cover that much canvas with my severely limited skills.

After four months of patiently trusting that it would turn out, 'Our Lady of Guadalupe-New Dawn' was finished. I think the results speak for themselves and the creator. I can't discern the number of times I felt like I wasn't holding the brush alone. This is the reason that my name comes under the scripture on the painting. I know you'll enjoy it.

I'm working here to build some foundation to chase the dreams of the future that have unfolded over the years. Of course, that implies some political activity and art is no stranger to that.


Papo's putti by Mark Robbins


Coral Bean Tree by Mark Robbins


Leading Obama Left by Mark Robbins


Outside Time by Mark Robbins


Snakeroot Rider by Mark Robbins


Our Lady of Guadalupe-New Dawn by Mark Robbins


Sink Whole by Mark Robbins


Old Couple by Mark Robbins


Barely There by Mark Robbins


Pretty and sharp by Mark Robbins


Bursting by Mark Robbins


Slow Mo by Mark Robbins


Last Flame by Mark Robbins


Burnt Daylight by Mark Robbins


Evidence by Mark Robbins


Rain's Result by Mark Robbins


Splash by Mark Robbins


Show Your Tongue by Mark Robbins


Tee Sip by Mark Robbins


Pretty in Pink by Mark Robbins


Hot One by Mark Robbins


You Again by Mark Robbins


Final Glint by Mark Robbins


Perfect Pair by Mark Robbins


Coming On by Mark Robbins